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Guide Huskar Dota Guide Huskar Dota

huskar the sacred warrior is a ranged strength hero who is an effective ganker and carry, with both great benefits and risks offered. he is known to be a powerful Huskar - dota 2 wiki this was a huskar game that i played with fans! i wanted to try doing this build while skipping lifesteal as i wanted to leverage burning spears for extra Dota 2 purge plays huskar - no lifesteal! - youtube dota heroes guide - dota allstars hero guides, walkthrought, item build and skill. this post is compilation of premium dota heroes guides. feel free to give any Dota heroes guide - dota allstars hero guides - dota-blog this is my second time writing a guide.recently in both organized and pub games, i had tried using works quite well so i want to write a guide also huskar. Sacred warrior - dota guides anub'arak, the nerubian assassin - dota hero guide; armor reduction - dota-allstars guide; yurneo, the juggernaut - dota hero strategy guide and walkthroughs Dota allstars hero guide | dota allstars items guide navigation's guide for dota 2 nature’s prophet is a popular pick in dota 2. the hero can jungle efficiently, take on the hard laner or the solo mid role. Dota 2 guide navigation

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Feb 22, 2010
With these starting items for Huskar you will have enough survivability and plus damage with the 2 Gauntlets of Strengths. You can spam your Burning Spear