Meaning Of Heart Eyes Emoticon

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Meaning Of Heart Eyes Emoticon Meaning Of Heart Eyes Emoticon

this is a list of notable and commonly used emoticons or textual portrayals of a writer's mood or facial expression in the form of icons. the western use of emoticons List of emoticons - wikipedia, the free encyclopedia definition: ascii character used in online writing to indicate a writer's mood or attitude. similar to emoticons are emoji icons, pictographs that originated in japan Emoticon - definition and examples of emoticons and emoji in addition to facial expressions, emoticons can include objects or symbols. one popular symbol is a heart made with a "less than" sign and a number three: <3. Emoticon meanings | ehow - ehow | how to videos, articles cry·ing (krī′ĭng) adj. 1. demanding or requiring action or attention: a crying need. 2. abominable; reprehensible: a crying shame. crying (ˈkraɪɪŋ) Crying - definition of crying by the free online whatsapp emoticon meanings can be difficult to decipher, especially when you don’t know what the different smiley emoji icons are. i will walk you through how to Whatsapp emoticons meanings & smiley emoji 🔍lookup all emoji meanings 😃 emoji is the type of emoticon used on 📱 iphone, ipad, android and windows phone; as well as 💻 mac os x and windows 8. Emojipedia 😃 — find any emoji meaning

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