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Urban Dictionary Dirty Urban Dictionary Dirty Words related to shocker : Words related to crunk : Words related to smarterchild : Words related to smarterchild : Is getting on the dog and passing on the worms. One of the more basic of the many, many variations Jennifer grey on the 25th anniversary of 'dirty dancing' The merchant’s watermelon. boris kustodiev. 1918. the russian museum Photograph:levittown, n.y., was the first american postwar suburb Mya - buy this photo at allposters.com Michaeljackson-33419.jpg450 Http://distilleryimage3.ak.instagram.com Wpt3.jpg

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Urban Dictionary Dirty Urban Dictionary Dirty

urban dictionary is a web-based dictionary that contains more than seven million definitions as of 2 march 2013 submissions are regulated by volunteer editors and Urban dictionary - wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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Urban dictionary: dirty

Feb 22, 2010
Those nasty, ghetto, slutty chicks that block up the halls in your highschool. When you try to pass them you feel like you need a shower to sanitize

Urban dictionary: nasty

Feb 22, 2010
1. "Matt's nasty at lacrosse." 2. "We get out of school early? That's nasty." 3. "Halo's a pretty nasty game." 4. "Pat Nasty and Matt Nasty are nasty.

Urban dictionary: dirty sanchez

Feb 22, 2010
The term 'dirty sanchez' originated in the porn industry, particularly films involving ass-to-mouth action. It describes the (originally unintentional, i.e. blooper