How a new highway made by women could change the way we drive

TIME – HANA, Guatemala – The road to Mexico is a bumpy one, one that’s been bumpier than any other in Central America.

But on this stretch of Highway No. 4 between Hana and Tulum, it’s also a perfect example of how it could all come together.

For more than a year, Hana has been an experimental and wildly successful highway that has been making the world’s best and brightest drive through the desert.

Here are some of the highlights of what it’s been like.


The road is paved with cement, sand, and dirt.

It’s hard to imagine a more perfect place for such an ambitious project than Mexico.

The land in the center of the highway is a mixture of desert and rainforest.

It is home to the endangered giant tortoise, a species that was wiped out by the Mexican government in the 1970s, as well as many other species.

In Mexico, a tortoise is considered an endangered species.

And with no road to connect it to the rest of the world, many people have opted to drive through Mexico in an attempt to avoid the danger.

This road is no exception.

It has been paved with concrete, sand and dirt, creating an asphalt surface that is nearly impossible to drive on.

The paved road is the only road in Central American that doesn’t have a road to the United States.

It would take at least another 50 years for Mexico to be paved again, and it’s still not safe to drive across the border.

The highway is also one of the few paved roads in the world with no gravel, and has been the scene of several deadly collisions and serious injuries.

It was paved in 2009, and was the first in the United State to be done by women.

The first woman driver, Ana Delgado, was driving when she crashed on the highway.

Delgado was killed in the crash.

The next woman driver on the scene, Ana Maria Garcia, was seriously injured and later died.

Her daughter, Lora Delgado Lopez, also died.

The final road woman, Ana Victoria Gimeno, was killed by a speeding car in 2012.

But this is the first time a woman driver has ever been on the road, and there’s been no official announcement about who’s going to drive it.

Two years ago, after a year of planning, construction, and testing, a road was finally paved on the southern tip of the desert, the highway to Tulum.

And the results were amazing.

There are now over 3 million people living along this stretch in Guatemala, with thousands of miles of paved roads connecting them.

It seems that this road will be a new norm, and not just in Central Americans.

A new type of road was just opened in the U.S. by the California-based company American Road & Transportation, and the new route connects San Francisco to the U of T in Ontario.

The U.K. is expected to be the first to open its own paved road on the U-shaped road, as it’s home to a massive number of highways, including the London-bound Highbury Road.

And it’s being built by a team of women in the UK.

The only problem?

There are still barriers on the other side of the U, and those barriers are not good enough.

The Highbury is the longest road in the country, with a length of over 1,000 miles, and can take up to 60 hours to drive.

There’s also no access to the other sides of the border, meaning there’s no real way to connect with the rest to make it a safer, faster, more convenient place to travel.

So it’s a problem for the United Kingdom.

That’s where the Australian team comes in.

They are one of two Australian governments that have signed on to help build this new highway.

They’ve been working with the Australian National Roads and Maritime Commission (ANRMC), the government agency responsible for the Highbury.

But it was the women that made the breakthrough.

“The women came up with the idea to build the new highway,” says ANRMC’s communications officer, Catherine D. Kelly.

“They had been doing this for 10 years, and they came up a road that was really not very wide, and this is where they found the opportunity.”

The project is funded through the Australian Department of Transport’s Road Safety Fund, which has allocated more than $100 million to help the Australian government improve road safety and infrastructure in the region.

The funding will be spent on the construction of the Highbourne, which is expected in the next five years.

The work has already been a long time in the making.

It began in 2011, when ANRMBC began to hear about the road in Hana.

ANRMCC has been in touch with the Hana highway and is working to determine whether they need any further funding, or are ready to go forward with their plans. AN

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