What to Know about Tennessee’s new highway patrol

TENNESSEE — The Tennessee Highway Patrol is the first agency in the country to implement a comprehensive online policing tool, the Tennessee Highway Safety Program, which will allow anyone to report and report to police on any incident.

The program, which launched Monday, was developed by the Department of Public Safety and includes a new online reporting portal.

It also includes a system for identifying and apprehending offenders who pose a threat to the public, said Lt.


Jeff Yarbro, who was in Nashville on Monday to attend the first-ever meeting of the Tennessee Road Safety Coalition, a coalition of Tennessee business and civic leaders that includes representatives from the Tennessee Department of Transportation, the state’s Department of Community and Economic Development, the Nashville Police Department and the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation.

“It’s going to make us a safer state,” Yarbro said of the program.

Since the program launched last year, there have been more than 10,000 incidents reported through the portal.

Since then, the portal has logged more than 3.3 million reports and generated more than 2,300 arrests, according to the Highway Patrol.

With the new portal, the department is now working on adding more information about the people who are posting reports, including what their names and addresses are and what crimes they are committing.

The portal is being rolled out to the statewide and regional highway patrol offices and will begin rolling out to departments statewide in the next few weeks, Yarbro told reporters Monday afternoon.

He also said that the state will be expanding the use of a video camera system and other technology to track drivers who are distracted by their phones or other devices, which can help police track people who may be distracted and stop them from driving.

Under the new system, drivers will be able to report suspected distracted driving, whether or not they actually are.

Anyone can report an incident through the online portal, and the driver who reported the incident will be given a chance to respond and be heard.

If they don’t respond, they’ll be sent a notice that the incident has been reported.

Anyone who is found to be distracted, or who thinks they are, will be subject to a citation, which could be a $100 fine.

Police will also be able send out warnings or text messages to drivers who may need help.

Police will also use video cameras in the area where an incident occurred.

Those cameras will be activated at the time the driver is spotted and will have the ability to record video, including the time and location of the driver.

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