What’s next for the MoH Highway Patrol as they prepare for a massive snowstorm?

The Missouri Highway Patrol says the agency has “full support” from Gov.

Eric Greitens and his administration to handle the unprecedented storm that will hit the state Monday.

The state’s Highway Patrol has asked people to prepare for “extremely dangerous conditions” in the wake of the devastating snowstorm.

Greitens issued a statement saying he and his team are working with the state’s emergency management team to “build a storm-ready system” to ensure people have “the tools and the tools to get through the next week and avoid any impacts to our state.”

The governor added that the state will provide the “support necessary to make sure that everyone has the necessary tools and equipment to survive this storm.”

The Missouri Highway Guard, the state highway patrol, and the Missouri Department of Transportation are also preparing for the unprecedented conditions.

Highway Guard Lt.

John Kapp said Monday that the agency is “working with the governor and emergency management to ensure that everyone can safely get around in our state as soon as possible.”

Kapp said that the Highway Patrol and other agencies have begun the construction of a highway “to provide the safest possible route for those who may need it.”

The Highway Patrol said the agency will also be sending officers to the highway to help with traffic congestion and traffic control.

Greiens told reporters that he and the governor are “absolutely confident” that everyone will be safe.

“We have the full support of the governor’s administration to take all the necessary steps to get everyone home,” Greiten said.

“We are in full support.”

Greiten added that “we will have the resources and the resources that we need to make it safe.”

Greiels response comes a day after the governor said the state would “absolutely” assist in dealing with the devastating storm.

“The state will do everything we can to make this storm as safe as possible for all Missourians and all of the citizens of Missouri,” Greiens said in a statement released Monday.

“The Missouri Department to Governor Eric Greits response has been terrific and we will continue to work with the Department and our allies in the emergency management and state emergency management teams to ensure we are ready to handle this extreme event.”

Greiths statement comes after the Missouri Highway Department announced that crews will begin the first of three phases of repairs to the state highways.

The first phase will take place Tuesday, the second phase is expected to begin Thursday and the third phase will be in effect on Friday.

The Highway Department has said that repairs to highways will start Tuesday.

Greitan, who also announced the cancellation of the first phase of the work, said the department would be providing assistance to the Missouri Emergency Management Agency.

“All of our state agencies are going to be working to ensure the safety of everyone in the state of Missouri and that all of our citizens can safely and securely travel,” Greitan said.

“For the safety and well-being of everyone, we are asking all of us to be prepared for this storm and our roads and highways.

I am proud to say that our Highway Patrol will be doing this.”

The Governor said that while the Department of Emergency Management is “all ready to assist,” the state has “a number of agencies and people working around the clock to help us.”

Greitan said that he will meet with the Missouri Governors Office “to discuss the options that we have to ensure everyone is safe.”

“We are doing everything that we can so that we are all ready to go to work to keep our people safe,” he added.

“This storm is going to require a great deal of coordination and coordination with all of those involved.”

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