Why is this car a ‘VV’?

VV’s are fast and fun, but the new Ventura Highway 5 isn’t going to be for everyone.

The car was the subject of an online poll for Motor Trend, and the results were surprising.

Ventura has been pushing the envelope on aerodynamic design, which can make the VV look like a more practical SUV than it is.

While the new car has a lower centre of gravity, the new design makes the VU more like a traditional SUV.

It’s not an ideal car for everyday commuting, as it’s only available in the US and Japan.

However, the VVs have been gaining traction in Europe, where it’s the only SUV in the segment that doesn’t have a diesel engine.

In Europe, there’s a V-twin V-8 engine that will power the V-shaped doors, and a V6 petrol engine that’s been upgraded with a new engine management system.

Although this new engine is not part of the V5 range, the old engine will be available in an option with a VV-twintail.

A new roof spoiler and rear spoiler are standard, while a set of rear-hinged spoiler bars are optional.

On top of the standard roof, a set can also be equipped with a ‘superior roof’, which can increase the roofline by up to 30mm.

Like the new V5, the front and rear windows are also standard.

Both VV and V5 are equipped with standard ABS, while the latter has a standard dual-zone automatic transmission.

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