How to spot a stolen car from a passing highway cop

Highway patrol officers have a knack for spotting thieves on the highway, but when they encounter a stolen vehicle, it can be even more difficult to catch them.

“When you’re driving along a highway, you’re almost always on the same side of the road,” said Sgt. Steve Kline of the Alaska Highway Patrol, adding that the road’s uneven terrain can make it difficult to spot vehicles that have been hit.

“I can’t tell you how many times we’ve seen something happen where the driver’s side window of a car is shattered or they’re smashed.

I’ve been involved in multiple crashes where that happened.”

While some officers have even resorted to the use of high-tech detection devices like cameras, Kline noted that the devices aren’t foolproof.

“They’re not 100 percent foolproof,” he said.

“We can’t always say what they’re detecting.”

In some cases, officers might be able to catch a vehicle before it reaches a police station.

But it can still be tough for them to identify the vehicle as stolen.

Kline said that it’s often best to check the license plate of the vehicle.

“The plate will indicate whether it’s a stolen or stolen vehicle,” he explained.

“You want to make sure it’s yours.

If you can find a way to identify that vehicle, you’ll be able find the person who stole it.”

But Kline admitted that it can sometimes be a struggle to track down the vehicle in the first place.

“In some cases we may not know if it’s the person driving or not,” he added.

“Sometimes you’ll see the plate, and you’ll know that’s it.”

So when it comes to spotting thieves, it’s important to always keep your eyes on the road.

And remember that no one is ever perfect, so don’t let a stolen credit card fool you into thinking that the thief was trying to get into your house.

Coast Guard says it will open up Alaska Marine Highway to vehicle traffic

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Anchorage Marine Highway Named after Hero who was the First to Survive the Crash

Anchorage, Alaska — As the Alaska Marine Highway is named after a hero, a highway that had to be shut down because of a deadly crash was named after him.

Alaska Governor Bill Walker, who is a Marine Corps veteran, named the highway in honor of Captain John D. Roberts, the captain of the ship that crashed in November, 1912.

The highway was named the John D Roberts Memorial Highway after Roberts, Walker said during a ceremony Tuesday at the State Capitol.

“He was one of the most heroic men I’ve ever known,” Walker said.

 The governor also said he would work to raise awareness of veterans issues, especially those in Alaska.

A video posted on the governor’s Twitter account shows the ceremony.

In the video, Walker says that the Highway was named for Roberts because he was the first to survive the crash, according to a statement from the Alaska Highway Patrol.

But Walker added that the highway was not named after Roberts because it was named by someone else.

Instead, the highway name was chosen after Roberts was the one who saved the life of the passenger, the statement said.

Walker said the Highway had not been named after the first person to survive a collision, according, to the statement.

Anchorage Mayor Steve Fulop said he had hoped the Highway would go to honor Roberts.

He said he was not surprised that the name stuck.

It was a decision made for the people who died, Fulop told the Associated Press.

Walker said he wanted to name the highway after a soldier, and that the Governor and his administration would work with him to make sure the highway is named in honor.

This is the first time I’ve seen a state name something like this,” Walker told the AP.

Roberts, who served in World War I, was a Navy pilot and a lieutenant colonel.

After the crash at about 4:30 a.m.

(8:30 p.m., New York time), Roberts jumped from the bridge, ran toward the wrecked ship and ran to safety.

Three of his men died on the way to the hospital, and he was awarded the Silver Star and the Distinguished Flying Cross.

Fulop said it was an honor to be able to name a highway after the man who saved their lives.

We need to have a lot of resources for veterans who are returning from Iraq and Afghanistan. “

We need to make it easy for them to get into the VA.

We need to have a lot of resources for veterans who are returning from Iraq and Afghanistan.

And we need a lot more of those veterans coming into Alaska.”

Walker said the highway would also help fund a project he hopes will help people who are struggling to make ends meet.

To help fund the project, Walker announced a fund to help veterans pay rent on a home.

People who donate to the project will get a commemorative bumper sticker, Walker added.

Some people donated $20 or $50 each, Walker told The Associated Press in an interview.

For more on Alaska, check out the AP’s blog and the AP Politics page.

Dutch king dies at 87

By Tom WilliamsThe Netherlands’ King Albert III died on Thursday in the Netherlands after a battle with cancer, according to the King’s personal secretary.

King Albert, who ruled for nearly 70 years and was nicknamed “the last king of the North,” was 87.

King Alfonso III and his wife, Queen Beatrix, had their eldest son, Prince Albert, born in December and had their second son, Albert II, born a year later.

Albert was born in the royal palace in the Hague.

The prince was born to Prince Alfonso II and Queen Beatrice in 1898, according the Associated Press.

Albert died at his residence in the town of Wijnlijke, near Amsterdam, the Netherlands, according King Albert’s personal spokesman, Pieter Hensch.

Albert is survived by his wife of almost 40 years, Beatrix of Wijnland.

Albert died on March 15 at the age of 95.

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