What the Dixie Highway looks like after Hurricane Florence: An interactive map

By CNN Map Staff Reporter The iconic dixie road in downtown Dixie, South Carolina, is a favorite destination of tourists.

The road is one of the few to remain open, but it has not seen much of a boost in visitation since Hurricane Florence.

It is currently closed to the public and the only way to access the road is by boat or motorboat.

The water levels in the creek are high and the road’s paved deck is so unstable it can buckle.

The only other thing to come in contact with the water is the occasional tree that is uprooted by the current.

But the road has remained a favorite of many who frequent the historic street on a daily basis, and it remains an important stop for many travelers.

“There’s a lot of history that goes back to when Dixie was a settlement,” said Sarah Sauer, an avid Dixie fan who has been a regular visitor to the road since its construction in the 1970s.

“It’s still the main road to get to downtown Dixons Main Street.”

The historic street itself is still standing, though it is no longer paved.

This section of the Dixon Highway was once one of South Carolina’s largest and busiest thoroughfares.

“The road is still open, we have access to it,” Sauer said.

“I would say it’s been pretty busy, especially since Hurricane Sandy hit.

I’d say it is probably the most popular road in the state.”

The road that was once the main route to Dixie had been closed to visitors until the beginning of the year, when it reopened after several days of construction.

But even after the road reopened, the river remained swollen and there was a lot more traffic.

“Even though it’s closed now, it’s still a great place to stop for a while,” Sager said.

Some Dixie residents are trying to make the road safer.

The city’s Department of Transportation has started a “Dixie Highway Safety Task Force,” which is making recommendations for changes to the dixie roadway.

Sauer was not surprised that Dixie’s traffic has picked up after the flood, but she said the road still needs a lot work.

“You can’t really tell by looking at it right now,” Sagers said.

Many people are still using the road as a means of transportation.

“People are driving up and down the street,” Siers said.

The task force has already received a lot the suggestions, and the city of Dixie has already put some of the suggestions into action.

“We have a lot to do to make sure the dixon highway is as safe as it needs to be,” Mayor Kevin W. Anderson said.

A plan to build a traffic light system to keep the traffic flowing in the DIXON HOUR would also help, said Sauer.

“If we can keep traffic flowing, that would be great,” she said.

This article has been updated to reflect the completion of the dune road.

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