How the California highway closure ‘wasn’t planned’ and why it’s still in place

The highway closure “wasn\u2019t planned” to shut down Interstate 880, California Highway Patrol Sgt. Dan Coyle said Wednesday.

It was a temporary decision to close the freeway at that time, Coyle told reporters.

The closure was in response to an active, ongoing, and imminent threat to public safety, Coyne said.

“This was not an accident.

This was a deliberate act,” Coyle, a lieutenant with the California Highway Transportation Agency, said.

The highway reopened Wednesday afternoon after the department received several reports of cars backing up onto I-880.

A large swath of the freeway remained closed for several hours, with some traffic on the highway itself backed up to 40 miles per hour, according to the California Department of Transportation.

Coyle described the closure as a “very complex” one.

It included the closure of Interstate 870, as well as the closure for several weeks of Interstate 5 and Interstate 85 in the Santa Monica Mountains.

The closures will be in effect through the weekend.

The agency also shut down the Santa Ana Expressway, I-10, I&9, Interstate 10, Interstate 580 and I-80 in Orange County.

Coynes office is located in the southernmost part of the county, where the state has a highway authority.

The state Department of Public Health said that the state expects to be able to reopen I-880 in about 24 hours.

The California Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles Agency will be responsible for all traffic and maintenance issues on the highways.

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