How to sell a road in Phoenix

Arizona is set to close more than half of its highway highways, as the state braces for another major drought, forcing hundreds of thousands of people to drive further afield in search of safety and a fresh supply of gas.

Highway 64, the state’s only interstate highway, will be closed on Thursday.

Highways 66, 80 and 90 will be shut down for a total of four days.

Highways 66 and 86 will be partially closed on Friday, as well as the highways 66 and 96 in the eastern part of the state.

The highway in the state capital, Phoenix, will close for about a week.

Roads 66 and 84 in the southwestern part of Phoenix will be temporarily closed through Tuesday, while Highway 85 in the city of Prescott will be completely closed until next week.

The remaining four of the remaining four remaining Arizona highways will remain closed through mid-December.

The Arizona Department of Transportation announced Monday that it had received more than 3,000 reports of people suffering from dehydration or hypothermia after driving over the highway, and that it was expecting to receive more complaints in the coming days.

Drivers are also advised to stay hydrated and keep windows shut.

The department also advised people to stay off of highways and take public transportation.

The National Weather Service in Phoenix issued a weather warning for the Phoenix area on Monday.

In January, the department said a wildfire burned through a highway that spans across Phoenix.

Arizona Highway 64 auction to be auctioned to highest bidder

The auction of the Arizona Highway 63, which has been the state’s busiest highway for decades, is set for Oct. 31.

The auction is part of a campaign to help pay for maintenance, upkeep and rehabilitation of the highway, which stretches from Phoenix to Tucson.

Auctioneer and bidder Gary F. Schmitt said he’s hoping to raise at least $25 million for the highway.

The auction is being held at the Phoenix Convention Center.

It will run through Jan. 31 and feature an opening reception and auction.

The highway’s owner has been a member of the board since its inception in the early 1980s.

It was purchased by the Arizona Department of Transportation in 2006.

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