What’s the best way to get your car to stop at a highway camper’s location?

By the end of next week, the first-ever highway campfire truck-turned-car will be on the roads of Michigan, Ohio and Pennsylvania.

The company that developed the technology says it is the first in the world to offer a full-size truck-mounted campfire that can actually stop, and it will be the first to offer one that is capable of moving in all directions.

The truck will be ready for a road test next month in Michigan.

The vehicle, called the Highway Campfire Truck, will be a six-wheel, eight-seat truck, powered by an electric motor, that will be available to pre-order for $8,500.

That includes the trailer, which weighs about 20 pounds.

The hitch can be attached to the top of the truck to make it a trailer hitch-equipped vehicle.

The first trailer hitch will go on sale later this year.

That means that, by December, the company will have more than 1,000 customers who will be able to preorder the truck.

The truck has a roof, but it’s not a trailer, it’s a vehicle.

That makes it possible for a truck-mounting solution, where you can mount your vehicle on the front of the vehicle, as opposed to a front-mount, where it has to come to a stop on a truck.

There are other ways that the truck can be used to help make it easier to camp on the highway.

When a person is driving the vehicle and is attempting to camp, it can take a while to get them to the end zone, and that’s because they are traveling at a higher speed.

The trailer can slow them down enough so that they can be in a position where they can camp in the best position to stop, said Jeff Ziegler, president of the Highway Transport Coalition, which has been working on making campfires safer for campers.

By having a full size truck-sized trailer mounted to the front, you can actually have the ability to get people on the back side of the road, and you can provide the option of a trailer to be moved at a low speed, he said.

This is the future of vehicle safety, he added.

The trailer hitch is a great way to make the vehicle safer, Zieglers said.

It also allows the vehicle to move in all of its directions, meaning you can use it for any kind of activity you want.

You can use the trailer to move a trailer trailer to the back of the car, which will make the car move in the direction of the trailer.

That will allow you to use a trailer as a car seat, to have a trailer attached to a car.

That’s a lot safer.

I can drive my daughter, my daughter can drive the trailer around, it would be very helpful, said Erin Kelleher, an Ohio resident who has been camping with her family at Highway Campfires for several years.

The first trailer will be installed in Michigan, with the rest of the states that will receive the truck coming later.

The company that has developed the truck is called HCT, which stands for High-Traction Camping Truck.

The highway camp fire truck-like vehicle can travel at speeds of up to 45 mph.

The speed limit on the highways of Michigan and Ohio is 20 mph.

The hitch can also be used as a way to stop a car in a ditch or on a steep hill.

When someone is driving, they have to be extremely careful when they are trying to move the trailer or even the car.

If they go too fast, the trailer can catch on fire.

The HCT trailer is designed to be the perfect solution for people who are campers or for people looking for a more permanent solution for campfire safety, Zigler said.

The next step is to develop a more stable vehicle to be able take advantage of the full potential of the HCT’s technology.

We have done that by using the vehicle’s electrical system and the engine to control the speed.

So the engine will also be a variable, so it’s going to be variable.

We’re going to do more and more of that over the next year.

We have the technology, but the next step for us is to put the design into production, which is a major step, Zogler said, adding that the company is aiming to have the vehicle available by the end in 2019.

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