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Krakoram Highway is a highway that connects the southernmost point of Australia and New Zealand.

It has been used by both Australian and New Zealander motorists for years, and the highway has been designated as one of the world’s most dangerous roads, with over 50 fatalities and more than 1,000 accidents every year.

In 2012, the Government of New Zealand announced a national highway safety campaign, aiming to reduce the death toll from highway crashes by at least 25 per cent by 2020.

A report by the Government’s Safety Council stated that it would be “unlikely to achieve this goal” due to the nature of the road, and also the fact that drivers of high-speed vehicles are already at a significant disadvantage in traffic.

A year later, the Highway Safety Council published the results of its Road Safety Report 2015, which estimated that by 2025, the road will have a mortality rate of more than 25 per, which is higher than other Australian highways, but still below the rates of high street traffic.

However, the report found that it is not a “deadly” road.

It estimated that in 2025 the average death rate on Krako was 0.2 per 100,000 kilometres travelled.

Krakoras Highway was originally built to connect New Zealand to Australia, and to the south-east of the country.

It is one of New Zealands most heavily-used roads, and is famous for being one of Australia’s longest and busiest.

Karakorams highway was first used as a way to connect the Northern Territory and Victoria in the late 1960s.

In the 1980s, a new road was built, which was named the “Walgreens Highway” after the pharmacy that sold it.

Since then, the highway’s road network has expanded.

However its safety record has been severely affected, and in 2011, the State Government launched a new national highway campaign aimed at reducing the road’s fatalities by 50 per cent over the next 10 years.

The campaign was supported by a number of groups including the Australian Bicycle Coalition and the Bicycle Alliance.

It was also supported by the Australian Government, which paid $1 million for the Highway to Reduce Deaths report.

The campaign was also endorsed by the New Zealand government, which funded the project and paid $20 million for a safety study that also found that the highway was unsafe.

According to the report, Krakors Highway is the most dangerous road in Australia, with the average fatality rate of over 50 per, and over 1,500 accidents every day.

The Government of the Northern Territories has made several announcements in recent years, including the reopening of the Krakoro Highway, which opened in March 2018, to facilitate road safety improvements, and a $20-million project to rehabilitate Krakoran Highway.

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