How to use a GPS map to pinpoint your location when driving south

Driving north, north-west across Texas, can be difficult to remember.

But when you do, you’ll be able to see exactly where you are in relation to the grid, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) said in its latest update on highway conditions. 

As of last night, the map displays a red outline in the top right corner of your screen, which you can click to access the exact location. 

It will also show you an overlay, with a blue dot next to the location.

You can also use the map to look for signs of travel delays. 

“If you’re driving along a rural road and the road is completely flat, you can easily see it with your GPS,” NHTSA’s Michael Deacon told the BBC.

“And if you’re going into a city, you’re also able to look at that with the GPS.” 

The agency says that’s because GPS systems can’t pick up subtle variations in the sun’s position. 

And if there are no signs of traffic, the road will be marked with red arrows, while a yellow arrow will indicate the direction of travel. 

The update was issued last night in response to a request from The Washington Post, which has asked the agency for information about highway conditions since late last year. 

But the NHTSC did not specify which roads or routes were affected by the update. 

NHTSC says that while the update does not affect the accuracy of a map, it does help to provide users with more information about the conditions on the road. 

In an email to The Post, NHTS director of road safety John Spokes said: “GPS is an excellent system for tracking speed, direction, elevation, speed limits, weather and traffic conditions, but in the context of driving conditions, it is important to use the information in a safe and accurate way.” 

“For this reason, the NHDSA is working to improve our GPS infrastructure, including by adding more information to our GPS-enabled map.” 

But he added that “no new GPS technologies have been developed in the past year or two” and “the current infrastructure is inadequate”. 

In a statement, NHDS added that the updated map would “provide a more complete picture of road conditions in each state, and will also provide drivers with more relevant information about road closures and traffic congestion.”

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